General Haulage

General Haulage

Professional Haulage Services

AFDL is a professional, family owned business with over 50 years’ experience and expertise, so you can be assured that we will take good care of your specific needs. We are forward thinking and flexible - our team are always adapting to meet the needs of our customers, our business continues to grow and we are always acquiring new clients. We take great pride in our customer service – not only being friendly, affordable and flexible – but in the range of top quality services we offer, tailor made to each customer.

Our team, at AFDL, have a varied haulage fleet, so we can provide you with the ideal transport solution for your business needs throughout Ireland. Our Staff and fleet are qualified and certified to transport and warehouse a vast range of commodities - liquids, equipment, food items, building materials and general merchandise items.

Additionally, AFDL has in-house vehicle and equipment maintenance, so our fleet is always ‘road ready’ and available.

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